Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Embroidery designs

Wassup people.............. We are back this month with hot stuff. Today it’s all about Embroidery designs. . To get your hands on these classic patterns and designs’s a place you’ll get them: our own Raff n Kay Designs 16 Karaye Street, Garki 2 Abuja. Hope this will help you upgrade your fashion.

Friday, 24 January 2014

African prints

Hey guys hope u are doing great......... we got hot stuff and fresh new trends. I just want to pop some fashion tips to those who are planning to get a closet make up this season. African fashion and printed clothes and accessories are a fashion must have this year.  As you go shopping, grab some African designs and printed dresses, pants, Kicks or any other accessory that is African printed. Trust me it has become a very popular trend not only on the red carpet but also the streets and all other public institutions. Remember those Ankara your old folks used to wear??? They are now coming back finding their way into our wardrobes.  African prints are now rocking the fashion world. If you need help on where to get custom tailored African printed clothing accessories send us an email to or call +2348033149025 and we will keep you posted. Cheers.


Friday, 3 January 2014

. At Raff n Kay we give your wardrobe more beauty and meaning, our advantage lies in the added value of skilled artisan work. Our designs find a common thread in boldness and extravagance and a booming middle class of conscious consumers who show their status through an outward expression. At Raff n’ Kay we consider tailoring colours, prints, accessories and styling to suit the African audience as we are a fashion brand with a huge variety of classic, well tailored and minimalist appeal for men, women and kids. With an office in Garki 2, in the Federal Capital Territory Abuja, Raff n’ Kay design offers exclusive clothing to clients throughout the country and has years of experience in the fabric and design market. We deliver a variety of custom tailored design to the general public, with high quality for everyone. We offer sharp, clean lines, quality tailoring and luxury fabrics stylish, conservative, yet fresh and vibrant. An innovative collection for individuals looking to express themselves openly and through their own style and with designs for both men and women, the styles are casual and trendy without falling into the commercial trap and each collection brings fresh innovation and glamour.